Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back in the saddle again

I'm back... I'm back in the saddle again... For those of you who know this classic Aerosmith song, let me just say that I'll never be as nasty, raw or as excellent as Steven Tyler was when he recorded this song. But, we all need role models, and Mr. Tyler IS a local, so why not? I need a new wardrobe.

That said, I am back in the saddle again - back to consulting again after a sixteen month stint as the CTO of Versatel Networks. I'm actually leaving a little earlier than I imagined I would (for personal reasons), and I'm really rooting for my northern friends. They have an excellent product, and they are all excellent people. I hope I can treat my customers half as well as they do, because I've never seen better customer service.

Now that I'm back, it looks like I'll be focusing in on open source, writing, training and my old standby, custom engineering. Check in here to get the latest scoop about what's going on with me. Of course, if you happen to need a schmuck like me in your organization, just drop me a line. Back to the screaming....