Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Getting the Ernie Juices Flowing

Hi all -

So, now that I'm all married and stuff, let's get back to the grindstone.

Here's some prinicples of Ernie's architecture and design:
1) It should be standards based, as much as it can be.
2) The components should be naturally distributed and scalable. For instance, we should be able to add in a Convedia or Snowshore media server to accelerate and enhance media processing.
3) As much as possible, it should be fully redundant and fault tolerant.
4) It should be multi-application and multi-user friendly. Someone should be able to login to an Ernie server and manage (start, restart, stop, check, pause...) the applications that are running there.
5) People may want to make money with the Ernie applications they have written. Billing interfaces should be built into the platform.
6) The highest interface should be as simple as possible. Simple things should be simple to do. The ultimate customers are the millions of web programmers.

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voiploser said...

Good to see you back in the saddle again! Congrats on getting hitched as well.