Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fall VON Innovator's Track

Well, now that the programmable web ball is rolling, we're getting ready for the tradeshow season. A big part of that for us is going to be in our hometown at this year's Fall VON in Boston (Wait a second. Does that mean we have to buy the beer?) Carl Ford, a pretty impressive bunch of telephony guys and I have been working on a new addition to the VON show floor : the innovator's track. The innovator's track is roughly based on an unconference, and is focused on cutting edge telephony innovations. Our basic model is to have eight sessions, and we're sort of looking at the following topics :

Rapid Apps on Rails:
A discussion about the impact of Ruby on Rails, Ajax and other tools that aid the developer in building new services rapidly and how combined with Amazon and Level services represent a new era in service deployments.

Enterprise 2.X
This is a discussion that looks at how the Enterprises are finally gaining the ability to provide services across a network and how it changes service models.

Social Networking
According to Cisco its working. Social networks are eating up the bandwidth and the Internet is again growing. What makes these services compelling and who is going to gain from these changes.

The New Age of Communication
We have talked about the concept of these new services now lets look at some of them and lets talk about why this is the perfect time to
offer services in the marketplace. Is the price of rollout so low that adoption can be small and niche, or do we all need massive viral adoption?

New Services with old lines
Single Number is thing of the past, now we have disposable numbers and with the ILECs having to watch the Cable companies expand into their space the time may be ripe for these kind of services. Best of all by extracting the person from the number the service is much more intriquing.

As you might notice, there's only five topics here. That's where you come in. Not only are we looking for audience participation during these five sessions, but we need to hear what you want hear at the show. Do you have an idea for a topic that's not here? What problem are you trying to solve? Something you really need to learn? Spit it here, and we'll talk about it there. Bring your two feet with you, participate, and let's make this worth more than our time.

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