Friday, August 03, 2007

Getting Ready for the VON Show

Pat and I had a wonderful surprise yesterday, when Carl Ford and Bill Kelley stopped by for lunch. I'm always talking about how "Brigadoon-ish" I think the VON show is, and it was actually pretty nice to have a friend from the show come to my hometown on Cape Cod for a meeting. I suppose the water view doesn't hurt, either.

As I've said in the past, instead of complaining, I'm committed to helping out at this year's VON show, and as part of that, I'm taking a pretty active role in the "Unconference" potion of VON. More about that later, but as part of that, Carl and I thought that a real cool thing to do was to show the audience, in real time, how much the new web technologies change the game for new services development. Sometimes, you just gotta see it. So, we're going to show you.

I'm planning a two hour session where we are going to develop, from scratch, an WITA (Web Integrated Telephony Architecture) service from scratch, in front of the audience. Three of us are going to work together on each of the major pieces : a scripting front end, a Ruby on Rails framework and a number of web services below us. As we work, we'll work out something were either the developer is explaining it as he goes, or another talks as he works. At the end, it will be an application that not only works, but can scale as high as you want it to - just like a web site.

The application? I like this one : my mother's memory is failing her. I'd like a reminder service that will call her cell phone with a voice message sometime in the future. For instance, you call a phone number, give your Mom's phone number, a voice message, and a time when you want it delivered. Maybe somebody will have another idea that's better, but that's what I got.

For you, if you don't really know how Telco mashups work, or what they look like, or why they are so revolutionary, come and join us. Grab a beer, kick off your shoes, and watch.

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