Wednesday, August 08, 2007

VoIP's Top Techies

As I was having a conversation with a friend, I mentioned that I felt really lucky to have worked with some of the best guys in the business. He asked me who they were, and why, and it triggered something for me. In our industry, as in most, you know the company's names, and maybe you might have heard of the CEOs, but do you ever really hear of the great engineers behind the scenes? No, probably not. So, in honor of the geeks you might not have heard of, here's Tom's list of Gods of VoIP Engineering. The criterion? First, I had to actually work with you(or at least had a meaningful conversation, digital or otherwise) at some point. For instance, Richard Shockey is well known and respected, but I never had a chance to work with him. Rosenberg, too. Yet. Secondly, I tried to pick complete no brainers - practically everybody I know respects these people. Thirdly, my main criterion is that of envy : these are people who's skills I not only admire, but deeply covet. These are the folks who are my teachers, and whom I think are worthy of your respect as well. Sort of my fantasy geek-ball team. If you see one of their resume's cross your desk, jump. Finally, I'm trying to keep the list short, so if your name ISN'T on this list, I reserve the right to amend it at a later date, don't hate me, still love you, all that stuff.

That said, my personal list of geek gods includes :

  1. Henning - One of the three writers of SIP, currently a Columbia Professor. (Just like Madonna, Sting and Bono, Mr. Schulzrinne needs only one name)
  2. Doug Tucker - CTO of Ubiquity, and in my opinion, the whole and complete package. He even took Kung Fu back in the day. Gotta love the dangerous geeks.
  3. Mark Reid - Editor of H.245, big shot at NMS and a perfect technical manager.
  4. Brough Turner - Long time CTO of NMS, long time leader, long time VON show dancer.
  5. Eric Burger - Interim CTO of BEA, founder of Snowshore and instantly credible in any room.
  6. Daniel Biage - CTO of Versatel Networks, old school engineering at it's finest. Go to Quebec to learn how to deeply care about what you do.
  7. Jeff Bernstein - Founder of 2Wire and PictureTel, really nice, really smart. Really nice, too. God is he smart.
  8. Dan Petrie - Independent Consultant and smart guy at PingTel, among the first to "get it"
  9. Ed Bassart - Founder of ShoreTel, been at it since the beginning, and deeply smart.
I'm sure there are other's I've missed (I might blog this again). Who's on your list? Give'm some love.


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Rich Baker said...

I worked with both Jeff Bernstein and Mark Reid at PictureTel in the 1990s. I concur! Both are "wicked smart" and incredibly great guys.

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