Monday, February 26, 2007

Guess who's back, back again....

Well, I survived the trip to SoCal with the family. We hit the usual: San Diego Zoo, Disney World, Wild Animal Park, In-N-Out... It was the first time the two oldest kids were out in California, so it was really nice to see them soak in the California lifestyle. We were visiting family out there, which was really fun. My sister-in-law, Machelle, is a personal trainer and gave this old black-belt an excellent set of calisthenics that I'm bringing back to class. So, if any students are reading, blame her.

I really had a good time with my brother-in-law Dan McCarthy, who's a Senior Vice President of Footwear Merchandising and Design for DC Shoes. If you haven't heard of DC Shoes, or the parent company Quiksilver, ask your kids. Anyways, I'm sitting at the table in his kitchen, playing with my lovely E62 Nokia. Dan says, "Let me see that. Ick. That'll never sell big." Now, when Dan says something like that, you listen. If there's somebody who knows about things selling big, it's the main product guy at the coolest shoe company on the planet. Why? "It looks like a f-ing calculator. Who wants to wear that?"

As I hung my head, I recalled the success of the Motorola Razor. The Razor is not a very smart phone. Not a lot of features. Nothing whizzy about it. But, it looks good, and it's cheap. That sold big. Sort of depressing when you think about it, especially as an engineer.

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