Monday, February 05, 2007

Sue Teller Gets Better

I found another You tube video where she's taking a wood burning tool to customize her kicks. The fact that she's always drinking Mountain Dew seems to be the tell here...

Ok, even if it IS a cover Mountain Dew commercial, Sue is right on, and explained mashups better than I can. Get your freak on, Granny. If you had red hair, I'd marry you.

From the Strategic Public Relations :

Sue Teller is an 80-something-year-old woman who shares her arts and crafts ideas on YouTube in a show called “Do Your Own Adventure,” and it’s hysterical. In the preview of the show, Mrs. Teller is shown pimping her ride by adding crystal studs to her car door with a glue gun, spray-painting her own creation on a T-shirt, and creating a jack-a-lope by attaching deer antlers to a stuffed bunny rabbit. In the 1st show, she tells viewers how to DIY your own “kicks” with a hot wood tool; and in the 2nd show, she shows how to create a mash-up using a crochet-covered set of turntables and favorite oldie records mixed with crunk beats. In both shows, she sips on a Mountain Dew using a straw and uses pop culture expressions, i.e. “word,” while demonstrating her latest crafty adventures.

Word has it that this nugget of mash-up genius that’s quickly attracted scores of fans and the envy of the advertising world since is came out last week is indeed, Mountain Dew, but they’re not talking. Meanwhile, this crunk-lovin’ grandma continues to draw attention and a new type of hype that’s been pounced on by bloggers worldwide regarding the mystery of just who is the creative genius behind this new YouTube show/commercial. –Kathleen Gasperini

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