Friday, February 09, 2007

Web 2007 == Telecom 2000

I remember at a VON show a couple of years ago, during the bubble, somebody put out this company name generator thing. You spin three concentric wheels, and wherever it lines up, that's your name. The outer wheel had colors, the center wheel had a nice selection of landmarks, and the inner wheel had geek names like systems and networks. Spin the wheel, come up with Blue Creek Networks.. spin it again.... Red Lake Systems.

So, I'm full scale into Web 2.0, and I see the patterns already. Here's Tom's instructions on generating a Web 2.0 look and feel for your company:

  1. Rewrite your company name by placing a "y" at the end, or removing the e before the R. For instance, Google becomes Googley, Hertz becomes Hrtz and General Motors becomes Genral Motors-y. Go ahead - leave letters out. They just get in the way. You can give them to other companies, so that Yahoo could become Yaaahoo.
  2. Change your color palette of all your web sites to include only blue, orange and gry. I mean gray. Use only primary colors on a white background; round every curve.
  3. Talk about connections and community until it makes your own community want to go postal.
  4. For all intents and purposes, you can start a service provider for nothing. All you need is a giant ego, a ton of hubris, colocation space and offshore development... and you're good to go. Oh yes, you also need a devoted following (see point 3) that someone else can monetize after you cash out. You're too whatever-it-is and busy to actually monetize it yourself. Let the establishment do that.

And after you've done all that, in a few years, you'll have to sit down and actually figure out how to make money. And that will be good for you. I'm pretty sure that Telecom 2000 is Web 2007.

The good news? Just like Telecom 2000 gave us wonderful things like SIP and VxML, you guys are giving us mashups, and web services and structured data. Thank you!

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