Friday, June 22, 2007

A real life example of Vonage's Voice Mail to Text

One of my most favorite. Boy match ups and I've seen lately is the new bondage text feature that automatically converts my voice mails in to taxed and then important to me as an email I think this is really kinda cool. Because then I can save them in my email inbox and search for them. And I'm always trying to search for things which I her emails I'm sorry I'm sorry we're smells so anyways this is an example of what it looks like when it comes into my in the in box that also include the way if out here she could see how accurate it was. so anyways. See

p.s. Evidence of how poorly I speak? You tell me.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I find your blog very interesting. I have heard that Vonage is a commercial voice over IP network. Vonage Corporation provides telephone service via a broadband connection. The clients if Vonage claim they are far from being satisfied with the company and the services it provides. They say it is a corrupt company because they demand payment for the services the customers did not offer. That is what I have learned from

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