Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vaguely Disturbing, Yet Compelling : Liarcard

For those of you with significant others, I don't recommend that you share this information. Not that I have anything to worry about.

I was lucky enough to catch the end of Teltech's presentation at the Cluecon 2007 show in Chicago, and I heard about their new service called LiarCard. Essentially, Liarcard listens in on phone conversations, and detects if one of the parties is lying. Honestly. (Oh God, could this get bad, quick.) You arrange a call through Liarcard, and it records the conversation and then uses voice analysis to determine the probability of dishonesty during the call. You can even go back afterwards and tell which parts of the conversation were more dishonest than others.

Is it accurate? Well, according to them it is :

Essentially, if the quality of the voice is reasonably good and the operation and preparation is proper, the emotional analysis component will be almost 100% accurate. In this case, the technology will properly present how the tested subject is feeling in terms of emotional charge, cognitive conflicts and general stress ("Fight or Flight" syndrome). If the intention to deceive is genuine and this poses jeopardy on the tested subject, (assuming the tested party falls within the standard range of "sanity" or "normality"), then the Inaccuracy and Lie determination will also be accurate more than 90% of the time. (In the latest field research study conducted on 500 passengers in an airport, LVA -the security version of the technology- was able to render an overall accurate analysis in all 500 cases.)
Ok - I'm not sure if this is the most amazing service I've seen, or the most disturbing, but I'm sure that Liarcard could read my emotional response. Hmmmm... I see they also have a site called LoveDetect... I wonder what THAT's about.

Anyways, I normally give out report cards for places like Liarcard, but I think I'll choose my words carefully this time. I'm sure you understand.

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