Friday, July 06, 2007

What time of year is it?

What am I doing these days?
  • I'm reading Garrett Smith's blog about the bad signs from SunRocket. SunRocket has shut down their affiliate program, and admits to owing commissions to their partners from March, and can't guarantee when they can pay. Ouch.
  • I'm following Andy's blogs from France, as he prepares to tie the knot. I think that the South of France might just be the only place in the world prettier than Cape Cod in the summer.
  • I'm waiting for my iPhone to arrive this afternoon, so by next Monday, my friends can stop asking me why I haven't mashed it up yet.
  • I'm wondering how the h*ll Moshe got that close to Joanne from Rocketboom. I tell you, there's no justice in the world. Joanne might be the prettiest thing in the world other than my wife on Cape Cod in the summer.
  • David Galbraith has me laughing and rolling on the floor with his iPhone meets the book of Job article.
  • It may be the 114th year that the Cape Cod Baseball League has played, and it may be that 1 in 7 MLB players are alumni, and it may be that this all-free, all-volunteer league is the best and last place where the true game of baseball is played, but I'm just waiting for Sunday, where I'll get to sit at a Kettleers game and talk the night away with my kids. I think Jon should get his Canadian butt down here and join us. Bring the beer, Jon. It's summer on Cape Cod.

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