Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ernie Applications

So, I'm on a hunt for possible Ernie applications, in some way to describe what the thing will do, but also to try to illustrate the hole in the space. The first place I'm looking for applications is the intersection of Web 2.0 APIs with the telephony/SIP space.

Of all the Web 2.0 APIs that are being used, it looks like google maps is the among the most common. I figured this out by looking at a list of mashups, and I looked at what they were using. Another one is this API that maps an IP address to a physical location. It doesn't get it EXACTLY right, and won't work if you are doing a VPN, but it does work OK for most purposes. It's how those "Do you want to date somebody in South Dennis?" windows pop up on your screen. I happen to live in North Dennis, but it's close enough.

So, imagine the neat things you can do with your phone if you could use these two APIs in the call handling....
  • An inbound SIP call can be routed on geography to the right salesperson.
  • Using a SIP client (in your handset, desk, whatever), you call for a restaurant. Recommendations are made based on where you are.
  • Same deal, but call to see what movies are playing nearby.
  • You can run a call contact center, and see where (on a map) your callers are, and use that to help route products (pizzas, whatever)
The point is that these are just two of the Web 2.0 APIs, and there are certainly many dozens you can use. Voice applications platforms should be naturally and deeply ready to be integrated with them. This is what Ernie is trying to do.


voiploser said...

3 cheers for the 'Ernie Effort!' I stumbled into your blog via Alec Saunders via mapvoiper. The "Apache" for VoIP-based apps - I love the concept couldn't agree more!

Thomas Howe said...

Thanks for the encoragement - I think it's an exciting idea.

Luca Filigheddu said...

Hi Thomas,
we are going to push exactly the same concepts during next VON Europe 2006.
Not bad If we can find the time to have a meeting.

sexy said...