Friday, November 11, 2005

Put thy money where thou mouth dost lie

Well, I think I'm just about finished bashing Asterisk, although I have ONE more way to improve it to go. I'm going to save that for later. Now that it's out of my system, I want to tell all of you (the three people who read this, including my Mom and my girlfriend), that I've picked an open source project, and I've started to prepare it inside my little office on Cape Cod.

The open source project is called the "Open Applications Project", or as I'm going to call it, Ernie. Ernie is a software application and library that developers can use to create communications centric services. It will integrate presence, voice and web services features together, and present them to the applications developer in a web scripting API. The API will be appropriate to create typical voice applications such as voice mail, auto attendants or call centers, as well as next generation applications like presence based routing or voice-bots.

Architecturally, the application will be complete standards compliant, appropriately disaggregated, scalable and business ready. This means that it will be as SIPPY as it could practically be (although there's an emphasis on practical, here). It can be run standalone, but be architected so that external hardware accelerators can be used. As an example, it will probably have an interface so that we can use a Convedia or Snowshore media server for higher density operations. It will be business ready, so will have native hooks and interfaces for billing and account management.

Why Ernie? Well, I like Ernie. He's a rebel, he's an anarchist, and he's just slightly smarter than Burt. There's a personal connection here too, and I just want to emphasize that I look nothing like Ernie. Well, not too much.

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