Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's Mobicents day!

One question that might come to mind is, if Mobicents exists, why would Ernie?

Well, that's an excellent question. From where I sit, I would answer it like this: If C++ exists, why then have Visual Basic? Well, the answer to both is that sometimes you need to script a solution, and sometimes you need to build it from the ground up. Scripting is excellent for smaller applications and for integration with a bunch of technologies, components, etc. Fully featured development environments are a must for any sort of large feature development, or ones that involve many developers. Mobicents is an implementation of JSLEE, as are offerings from Ubiquity and others. Chances are though, in my office inside a small ISP, the web developer would really, really rather see a Python or TCL API than Java.

There's really room for both.


Ivelin said...

Yes, indeed, there is room for both. As you noted in your post on Open IMS, the purpose of Mobicents is to encourage participation from any kind and size of vendors as long as they have creative ideas that can be of use to telecom consumers.

Scripting language interpreters running on JVM are well developed. It shouldn't be too hard to make the core JSLEE APIs and add-on JSLEE services available to scripts. In fact there are several example applications that use Bean Shell scripting combined with JSLEE components.

I would be very interested to learn what kind of Python or TCL interfaces would make sense to be exposed by Mobicents so that hobbyists can offer their neat VoIP apps to the mass market by deploying on an accomodating IMS platform.

mranga said...

I am not too sure a scripting environment is that useful. What would be useful is an XML schema to specify concurrency so people dont have to mess with activity contexts and the like and can just be concerned with specifying concurrency using a high level specification. As for jython and jacl, I find them rather painful and slow and I'd rather steer clear of them for a high level application.