Monday, November 21, 2005

More Ernie Applications

From an e-mail conversation with Adam Uzelac, a whole host of potential Ernie applications... Not fully baked, but very exciting...

How about this one...think - I am a person that is
looking to buy a house in an area that I do not know. So as I am
driving around looking at the general areas, I enable Ernie as my
"housing agent". I get fed not only the location of houses that are for
sale in the area that I just stumbled on, but I also select the one that
interests me, and I get an IVR that calls me up and spews info about
house - like a verbal walk-thru. This Ernie-app was invoked once I
found the area of interest. Could couple in a "click to call rep" like
feature - though I do have to say that I think Real Estate Agents aren't
worth what they get paid - but I digress....

Another one might be a weather advisory service, similar to the old
sirens that would sound when there was a Tornado sighting. (I grew up in
Michigan) Ernie is tied into some local weather source, and based on
input from that, a SIP-based "siren" alerts subscribers.

How about via Paypal API - and some PINcode-like authorization, being
able to make a purchase somewhere, with a audio and textual
confirmation. This one I am not so sure about - but just brainstorming.

I betcha there's a TON of applicability in the gaming world. Think of a
'Live game' that involves location, SIP-based calls, and live status on
a frappr map. DND-like: (Phone) "You have an alley within a mile, and
an enemy also within a mile in the opposite location." (/Phone) and you
have to decide where to go. Treasure Hunt: (Phone), "Your getting
warmer..." (/Phone).

Just some thoughts.....

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