Monday, March 05, 2007

It's not my Imagination - Canada is cold

It's not my imagination, Canada is cold. Just had dinner with Jon, where I paid my dinner debt. Silly me - I thought that I could get away with a suit coat in Toronto in March by running from car to building, and from building to car. Jon came over, and we decided to walk up the block to a restaurant. I figure hey - I can walk three blocks anywhere, any time. I suppose I did, but it was d*mn cold.

A fine bottle of Cotes du Rhone later, we left the Vietnamese restaurant and walked back to the hotel, and frankly, it took me about ten minutes to get my voice back. Why? Because Canada is cold. D*mn cold. How cold? -26 degrees Celsius. I am now convinced that those crazy Canucks use Celsius so that they don't freak out when it gets cold. -26 Celsius is -15 degrees Fahrenheit, which would freak out anyone with half a brain. Of course, anyone with half a brain would bring a down coat to Toronto in March, now wouldn't they?


Luca Filigheddu said...

Last Sunday here in Sardinia (Italy) we have had 26 degrees celsius. The same, without the "-". On the beach, of course ;-)
It seems we are having the hotter winter of the last 200 years.

Thomas Howe said...

My goodness Luca... you did something right in a past life. Be smart - stay there.