Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why JetBlue Will Succeed

Seems as though everyone wants to jump on the current "JetBlue really screwed up" bandwagon-to predict its imminent demise. You know, I don't think so.

I'm sitting in the Oakland Airport waiting for my flight back home to Cape Cod. I've been away quite a bit lately, and I miss my bed, my wife and home cooking. Unfortunately, I also missed my flight. You see, today is the 15th, and yesterday was the 14th, and my ticket said 14, not 15. For Caeser and I, the ides of March suck. Et tu, Brutus?

Armed with a long and honorable past of high school screwups of this very nature, my dog face was on. I shuffled up to the agent, threw myself on the counter and asked for mercy. Now think with me. If you had to pick ANY airline in the world in this situation, who would you pick? I am willing to bet that anyone who's flown JetBlue more than twice would pick JetBlue. Of course, they got me on tonight's flight, window seat and all, even though it took the manager's permission, a baggage handstand and some quick typing. Ruthie, my agent, tried to help me. She really did. And even if she couldn't pull it off, you could tell she's trying.

JetBlue isn't going anywhere but up, because Ruthie and all her clones work there. Good service is all about caring about the customer, and having the power to make them happy. For me, this is what JetBlue is. So, when I go up, I'm going JetBlue.

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