Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A picture of my desk?

In general, I hate chain letters. It's the imperfect combination of superstition (I hate superstition), annoyance (I hate annoyance) and this sort of anxiety-control behavior (I'm not even going into that one so early in the day). However, in a temporary change of heart for a friend, I have responded to Moshe's request to blog a picture of my desk. And here it is.

I was going to clean it up before I posted this, but then it wouldn't be MY desk - it would be some cleaned up desk formally known as my desk. May I draw your attention to the details: my favorite Blue Snowball microphone in the top right, below, a single LL Bean Duck Boot on the floor identifying my as a died-in-the-wool New Englander, my wife's crazy big calculator on the left, on top of my very excellent HP reverse Polish calculator from my undergraduate days nearly twenty years ago. And, at the center, my trusty Power G4 Mac, at one time export restricted as a munition, because it's just that fast.

Phones? Find my Nokia E-62 for day to day use, my nameless $25.00 Nokia I bought at WalMart when I need to test an application using a dumb phone, and a two line ATT handset connected to Verizon PSTN and Vonage. On the desktop, Skype is open, with Gizmo in there somewhere.

Now Moshe, I hope you are happy.


mmaeir said...

Tom, this is much different from a chain letter. Here you are actually sharing something of your own with your readers.

It makes your blog much more personal.

However if you feel that I pushed you into it .... the delete button is always there!

Thomas Howe said...

Hahaha - yes, that is the difference. And I shared my boots - so what is more personal than that?

Anonymous said...

What desk is that? I have been shopping for a while, and haven't been able to find a simple desk like that.