Monday, October 24, 2005

Another example of voice form

I have a friend who is sitting in the office with me who runs a VAR that caters to the HR departments for governments, health care facilities, etc. We were sitting and speaking about what sorts of applications could be done when you integrated next generation applications and HR. Here's one that we came up with:

Imagine voice forms used to do job applications. Instead of filling out a form, you would have your applicants call on the phone. They could speak their name, type in a phone number and answer some yes or no questions. For instance, have you ever worked at a fast food restaurant before? How many years? For Burger King, press 1. For McDonalds, press 2.

Now, that's not bad. But, here's where it goes nutty - add an online quiz. You want to be a waiter in my restaurant? Here's the quiz I'd give...

"A customer asks if a Pinot Noir is a good wine to have with lamb. Is this a good pairing? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no."
"When you are waiting for your customers, do you wait in the kitchen? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no."
"Please press the number of times you've been arrested for DUI. "
"You pressed 0. I'm sorry, but every good waiter has had at least one DUI. I'm sorry, you are unsuitable." (Just joking here... well, not really. It's one of the biggest reasons I was never an excellent waiter. No big drinkers in my family.)

Now, lots of value here for everyone. Quality control on hiring. Value added for the person who installs the system. Indepenent experts who start to create their own tests to determine skill levels.

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