Friday, October 14, 2005

Real Life Example of Voice Form

Here's an auto-attendantee example of how you could write a form based application:

Imagine you own a heating and air conditioning company, and you want your phones to work like this: When someone calls into your shop, you want the phone to be answered with your company greeting. It says "For faster service, please enter your home telephone number. " If the phone number matches a current customer, find the owner right away on his cell phone, home phone, whatever. If the phone number doesn't, bring it to an operator or to voice mail. With a form based application, that's maybe a few hundred lines of VxML and PHP, a $500.00 computer, a SIP infrastructure.... and that's it.

Here's to irony... I signed up for google ads, and it places adds up there that relate to what I'm writing about. But, everytime I criticize Asterisk, it puts Asterisk ads up there!


Alec Saunders said...

Hey Tom! You have to tell Google that you DON'T want ads from sites promoting asterisk.

Thomas Howe said...

Well, if somebody CLICKS on them, I don't really care what they say! Capitalism, Uber Alles!!!