Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Voice Forms

So, I feel like I'm gravitating to an open source project. I'm thinking about taking the SIP forum toolkits, and their VXML effort (whereever that's at), and making an open source tool to host "voice forms" and other voice based applications. A voice form is a VXML script that interacts with a caller, and asks for certain information and stores it into database. It's possible to take the results of the voice form and send the caller to another place. The main functionality would be voice forms, but things like Auto Attendants and ACD applications would be supported as well. It would be software only, but would support interfaces to standards based hardware for scalability reasons.

Writing voice forms is pretty easy - very much like writing HTML. One goal of the project would be to allow anybody to deploy a SIP based voip form from scratch in about an hour, only using an off the shelf PC. A number of Voice Form examples would be shipped with the application, and the documentation and tutorials would be as complete as possible. From a business perspective, this would enable any company to quickly integrate voice into existing web infrastructures without requiring custom hardware.

I'll try to put this into better words after work...

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