Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Favorite Link of the Web 2.0 Show

Area code. I heard these guys ran around Manhattan dressed up as PacMan.


Dean Collins said...

Hi Thomas,

You might want to check out my post about BarCampNYC2 here
Specifically Dennis Crowley’s presentation that he gave on Pervasive Gaming

For those of you who don’t know Dennis he started and sold Dodgeball to Google……and he just quit recently (man that takes cahones to tell google where to stick it :)) to go and develop some more cool pervasive gaming ideas he’s been stewing on for a few years, so expect some really cool things to happen in the next few months either from Area Code or in partnership with them and whatever takeover target he decides to start up next.


Thomas Howe said...

Hi Dean -

Absolutely love what you are doing. Apparently, blogger can only take a certain line length before it goes on strike. (Must be a member of some French union.) The URL should be (remove the

Keep up the coolness.