Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gets Boost From 'Triple Play', Comcast Posts 80% Rise in Net,

Today in the Wall Street Journal, Comcast reports an 80% rise in profits due to the bundling of voice, video and data.. aka the Triple Play.

While I was at Netcentrex, this is the story we would continually tell our customers. Bundling these services creates a convenience for the customer, but it also radically reduces churn, a substantial cost for carriers. Netcentrex, under the capable direction of marketing Guru Brian Mahoney, captured and held the triple play position in Voice Over IP for the last five years. Now, Comcast has capitalized on this business model, proving Brian and the Netcentrex team correct. I hope all of the current Netcentrex customers are seeing similar returns, and that future clients will enjoy them too.

My emotional response is one of surprise, frankly. I'm not surprised we were right, I'm just surprised that we were THAT right. Gotta go buy some lottery tickets. Back in a bit.

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