Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What Was Once Hard is Now Easy

A week or so ago, I blogged about this coming storm in our industry, and I've been working on an article that details the stuff I've been thinking about. I wanted to at least speak about the prime mover for my bold declaration: what was once hard is now easy. What used to take a serious effort is now nearly trivial. I mean this in a radical sense, in the...

  • "I can now create a telephone application with twenty hours and $50.00 that I couldn't have written in six months and a staff of seven for a million a few years ago " sense.
  • "These guys from know nothing about telephony, but just created a service that's nearly as good as mine" sense.
  • "I can start my own service provider in my basement" sense.
  • "If I only have a thousand people who use my $100 dollar a month service, I can retire" sense.
  • "It's so easy to do, that there is no risk in trying" sense.
  • If it took me $10,000.00 to do, then it's hard to argue there's a lot of barriers to entry" sense.

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