Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Internet Telephony Show - First Day

Welcome from sunny Fort Lauderdale and the Internet Telephony Show! For all my friends at home in Boston, I'm not rubbing it in. Really, I'm not. Unless you are talking about sun tan lotion, and then yes, I am rubbing THAT in. But I digress.

I had exactly two hours on the show floor last night, and that's exactly enough to get some basic impressions:
  1. I'm seeing much more innovation around business model than technology. It used to be that, when you walked into a booth, the first thing out of someone's mouth used to be something about functionality or technology. Not today, as every one I spoke to talked about innovative channel strategies or business models. A good thing, really.
  2. Where have all the big companies gone? To the VON show? You would claim that this might be an enterprise show, but then where are all the large PBX vendors? I remember walking around Fall VON asking, looking for the new entrants. I suppose they come here now.
  3. I found exactly ONE iPBX vendor and ONE application vendor so far that understands deployments of real time voice services in a services oriented architecture, or honestly, could spell mashup. My antenna's up with this one... I'll give you a full report at the of the show.
Jon Arnold and I are planning to record a podcast together tonight about the show, so I won't disclose my "Best of the Show" just yet. Stay warm all you Yankees.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, the enterprise VOIP vendors (Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, NEC, etc.) focus on VoiceCon, which will be in March in Orlando. Most of them were at Lotusphere as well this week, also in Orlando.