Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jon Arnold and Marc Robins Team Up

Just caught the press release from my old friend Jon Arnold about his new partnership with Marc Robins. My best wishes go out to both of them.

I can personally attest to Jon's analytical brilliance. I met Jon when I was the CTO of Versatel Networks in Ottawa and he was the main Frost and Sullivan analyst for VoIP. After he left there, and I left Versatel, we teamed up on a few projects such as doing a due diligence project for a second round venture capital investment. I did the technical due diligence; Jon handled the business end. Jon's reputation for independent and thoughtful analysis is well deserved.

Oh yes, and there was that time about two years ago where we ran up that impressively large dinner tab at a restaurant in Sweden during VON Europe and charged it to my boss. Something about translating Kroners to Loonies. I suppose our reputation for fine dining is well deserved, too.

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