Monday, January 29, 2007

Telecom's Tsunami: Opening the VoIP community... to everyone

Just caught a link to this post by Thomas Anglero in Alec Saunder's log about the closed nature of the VoIP community: Telecom's Tsunami: Opening the VoIP community... to everyone

I can see where Thomas is coming from. There does seem to be a little clique thing going on at times. The thing that twists me about it is that the majority of the bloggers I see couldn't write a SIP stack to save their lives. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that, it's just that the VoIP blogs are fairly dominated by the business, PR and journalism types, not necessarily the geeks. Of course, Brough Turner stands out as the exception to this rule, geek god that he is. I would love to see a more well rounded discussion for the sake of the larger community; we will all benefit from it. I never go a day without reading Alec Saunders, Om Malik, Jon Arnold and Andy Abramson, but who's going to bring the deep technical analysis to the party? Brough's going to get tired, and I'm just a Paduan apprentice.

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