Wednesday, January 17, 2007


LignUp is an iPBX vendor that provides web services APIs into their box. I sat down with two of their marketing people for an excellent demonstration. Frankly, I found myself writing down SO many examples of how their switch could be used in the enterprise, I don't really have enough time right now to edit them all... speed geeking is starting up in a few minutes, and I'm not going to miss that one.

So, I do have time for at least one application. Imagine that you have posted pictures on the web. As you mouse over the picture, a helper window comes up and asks if you'd like to comment on the picture. If so, just enter your phone number. After you enter the number, you get a call on your phone asking for your comment. When you hang up, your comment shows up as a link on the page. You click on the link, and you hear your comment. I think this is a no-brainer for social networking services like Flickr, myspace, etc. How about dating sites? Yup. Easy.

How about the business ramifications? If you mashup voip with the business process, you can have the system call you on your phone to get your comments on anyone's work. How easy would that be to get feedback on the latest ad campaign? Or maybe it's better for approving business forms or purchase orders. When it's your time to approve them, you get an SMS message or a phone call, give your consent, and off you go.


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